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Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide - helping you find the way out of difficulty.

Dave's Work


David Ashworth is a Visionary; a trailblazer, philosopher; an original thinker and doer; an author. As his own evolution continues to unfold, David continually rolls back the boundaries of what we consider possible in spiritual work.

Jesus said:

No prophet is accepted in his own village.

The Gospel of Thomas

In a long career at the top of his field he has constantly moved from one level to the next, year after year, continually transforming and bringing new concepts into the world of healing and spiritual evolution. The Guiding Consciousness working through him, shows him his pathway in advance.

Originally, David worked as a healer. Today, he has moved way beyond that level, where his present focus is unlocking the Spiritual Evolution of others. Through this process, he enables people to approach their own healing in a very different way than traditionally understood, bringing deep insight to their position in life, on their evolutionary path.

His Spiritual Teaching is unique, being driven and guided in a way which exposes the deeper truth within the lives of those who seek transformation. Using his gift of vision and the advanced Evolutionary Programs, the light exposes the inner being ensuring the evolution of the individual’s consciousness in the space of a single Program.

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Ahead of His Time

David is a person who is re-writing the book on what is known about energy and Light, the human Light Body and the path into True Spiritual Evolution. David is an amazing channel of incredible vision and potency. An originator of new ideas and a creator of new ways of thinking and working. He brings through information and presents it in a down to earth and practical way, teaching others how to go beyond what they consider possible using the highest Light available to uplift both themselves and others.

David works at the very cutting edge of our understanding of reality, spirituality and evolution. With the help of his incredible gifts, his life is devoted to awakening the consciousness of spiritual seekers, humanity as a whole and the healing of our home, the Mother Earth.

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David’s Gifts

All of David’s knowledge has been accumulated through extensive experience, by putting into practice the advanced teachings he has received from Higher Guidance. He has worked with energy, Light and consciousness for over 15 years and his pathway has been meteoric in its unfolding.

With the ability to see beyond the Energy System and into the deepest consciousness of anyone, anywhere on the planet, David works remotely, by telephone, with a world-wide clientele. If you can access a phone, then you can work with David, it is that simple.

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Spiritual Evolution

David can perceive the specific barriers to the evolution of individuals. Once these barriers to progress have been viewed and understood, it is possible to enter into a process to dissolve them with the understanding of what you are doing and why.

The knowledge of what is within us and why it is there is something which has almost never been approached in the old eastern philosophies of enlightenment. You sat with the Guru, and waited, often years, until things unfolded, often with little or no instruction or guidance. Working with David is different. He takes the mystery out of The Great Mystery and guides you, one simple but powerful step at a time, into a new reality, unfolding within you a higher perception of who you are and why you are here. At the same time, your natural, hidden gifts and talents begin to emerge as the Light works upon your consciousness. This is True Spiritual Evolution, the steps of which can be seen and perceived regularly, when working on the specifics which hold back your vibration and limit your life.

David is a person who can look at a problem, de-construct it and re-assemble it in a way which makes the original seem prehistoric and complex beyond reason. He tears up the rulebook and leaves you with one page of simple, illuminated understanding which blows away all the difficulty of spiritual work and your mission here on Earth.

Here, David shares with you the poem of Chuang Tzu which exemplifies that illuminated simplicity.

Easy is right,
Begin right and you are easy,
Continue easy and you are right,
The right way to go easy,
Is to forget the right way,
And forget that the going is easy.

Chuang Tzu

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Birth of a New Light

David is the original channel of The Wheel of Light and The Emerald Heart and the creator of a number of essence ranges, channelled by higher consciousness to assist the spiritual seeker in the evolution of their consciousness.

The Wheel of Light

Wheel of LightIn May 2002, David’s teachers began to unfold him into what they called The Wheel of Light. Over the following two year period, he would be taken on the most amazing transformational journey, unfolding incredible gifts and talents.

The energies of The Wheel were used on David purely for his own evolution. The Guides forced this amazing Light through him to literally burn his channels open in order to accelerate his conscious capacity. The result was that his vibration, vision and perception rose to a point where he could receive the brilliant teachings which were to follow. The time is now with us where he will be sharing these teachings through a series of books entitled, The Keys of Transformation.

The Emerald Heart

The Emerald HeartDavid is the original channel of The Emerald Heart, a process so advanced for our time that its spiritual concepts challenge even some of the most advanced Light workers beyond their comfort zone.   The Emerald Heart teaches you how to go beyond everything you know about healing work, by challenging everything you think you know about The Spiritual Laws.

The Emerald Heart School

David and his partner Denise formed The Emerald Heart School in January 2006 to begin to bring students into this Light so that they could begin to work with this in their practises with their own clients. The Emerald Heart is not so much something that you learn, but a Light with Consciousness which teaches you as you evolve into it. It drives your vibration upwards by releasing the deeper issues which restrict your ability to carry higher Light. The Emerald Heart is a unique and advanced concept. It is at the cutting edge of our understanding of what Spiritual Light is all about and what we can do with it. After an initial learning curve, and to Dave and Denise’s surprise, it was discovered how many healers were not ready for such a Light. The result was that access to the School became limited to selection only.
For more information, see - Emerald Heart - in this website.

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The Vibrational Essences

The development of a number of ranges of vibrational essences have been both the signature and power behind David’s own evolution. Initially, he was guided to visit ancient sacred sites, such as Stone Circles, Cromlechs and Burial Chambers. Here he was guided to receive energy signatures which would later become essences. These essences would eventually prove to be the keys which unlocked his own evolutionary path and revealed his wonderful and original spiritual gifts and talents. These same essences would ultimately become the keys he would use to unlock the evolutionary pathways of others.

All of the essences have been guided and given from ‘other’ levels of consciousness. Either from the Earth Mother and Nature Spirit Kingdoms, or directly sent forth from the Higher Realms. The Essences are truly The Keys of Transformation, and are available for your own use.
For more information, see - Essences - in this website.

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Dancing with the Devil as you Channel in the Light, first published in 2001, and now translated into three other languages

David is the author of two books and a number of other projects.

The highly acclaimed and very successful Dancing with the Devil as you Channel in the Light, first published in 2001, and now translated into three other languages, is still very relevant to those who are starting out on their healing journey into energy work and spiritual transformation.

There is also much of interest to advanced healers, as it unravels many of the mysteries of energetic phenomenon, explaining how these levels of energy interact in our lives.

His latest book, Birth of a New Light introduces some of the amazing NEW spiritual concepts

His latest book, Birth of a New Light introduces some of the amazing NEW spiritual concepts David is working with and details how they fit with the spiritual changes which are coming to us in this great time of Ascension.

David is also the author of other spiritual projects which have been published anonymously in the quest to uplift the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

For more information, see - Books - in this website.

Dave and Denise

All Dave’s work is very much the result of a team effort with his partner Denise. They compliment each other perfectly with Denise managing the practise and The Emerald Heart School. Denise is a powerful Light worker in her own right and plays a vital role educating and supporting the clients and students as well as running her own workshops.

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The Mission

Many people feel that they are here for a reason, but can’t figure out what it is. David was like this. He always knew that he was special and different, but didn’t understand why. He didn’t understand who he was or why he was here.

As a result of his amazing evolutionary journey, he now knows exactly who he is and who he is continuing to become. He is here on a mission to help evolve the consciousness of humanity. He is here as a member of a larger team, but many of them don’t even know who they are yet. Just like David, many others know that there is something special about them, and as the time is ripe, so they will begin to awaken. Many of these people are being guided to David, so that he can begin to help them awaken into their true potential.

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The Carriers of the Torch

These are the people of the Silent Revolution, the ones who have come to teach and lead us into the New Aeon of Aquarian Light. A time where the Light which was seeded into humanity at the beginning of the age of Pisces is now beginning to emerge and illuminate many from within. David is here to help awaken these souls into their continuing spiritual journey, to help them transform into a higher expression of themselves through the burning Light at their core.

Quite simply, David is here to uplift others. That is his mission and he has been given the most amazingly powerful gifts to accomplish this.

If you are seeking True Spiritual Evolution and you have the Inner Knowing that you are here for a reason, then David will try to help you find what is within you and begin to unlock it.

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Seeding the Light of the Future

The future promises to bring more new and vibrant concepts to the world of spirituality. David presently works with concepts which are way ahead of their time. His Guides teach him how to use these in very practical ways to unlock the potential of others. At the same time, they warn that the mass consciousness of humanity, and indeed a large majority of those who are already awakened to a certain degree, are not yet ready for some of these concepts. They are too challenging.

It is through challenge and adversity that we learn and evolve.

David continues to seed this burgeoning new information into our realm, grounding the concepts deep within the earth, so that the Light might illuminate those who are ready to reach out to embrace it. David is ensuring our future. Ensuring that when the masses are ready for the Light, the Light will be in place and ready for them to use.

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