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NEW - The VISION Journey- by Scorpio851/David Ashworth

The Vision Journey

The Vision Journey - www.TheVisionJourney.com

A powerful Spiritual Teaching which will uplift, illuminate and empower you with the Truth of who you are becoming. VISION was given to the author in an flash of insight in November 2006. It is a book, a movie of the book (The Journey) and a transmitter of Spiritual light. It is the story of the Universal Plan for the Evolution of Human Consciousness.

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The Keys of Transformation: Book One - Birth of a New Light - by David Ashworth
The Keys of Transformation by David Ashworth

The Keys of Transformation - Paperback. £14.99 plus p&p

This book records an extraordinary personal journey of transformation and at the same time provides a template for all our transformations.

The basic message which David brings is deceptively simple: the time to change is NOW. The Age of Aquarian Light is here, pulling more and more people into its flow of healing and evolution and beginning a world-wide process of awakening and illumination for all those able to open to it.

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Revealing Truth Workshop - DVD - with David Ashworth

Revealing Truth Workshop with David Ashworth

Revealing Truth DVD. £15.00 plus p&p

Currently unAvailable.

Around 4 hours of live workshop with David as he takes you through a series of steps in how to unlock your consciousness. From beginning with the simplest of tools and techniques, each process becomes more powerful than the one before it, presenting something for everyone whether beginner to seasoned Spiritual Warrior.

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VISION - Scorpio 851/David Ashworth
VISION book by David Ashworth

VISION - Softback. £13.00 plus p&p

As with much of David’s work, the content of VISION was given from The Source through an amazing insight. It is a fantastic journey which explains God’s Vision for Humanity. It is not so much a book, more a transmitter of Spiritual Light. Everyone who reads it has a different and very personal experience. This is what one person said:

"This book is amazing. Not many words, but those that are there take you on an amazing inner journey. It is like someone looks into your soul from the pages and unlocks something that you can't understand as you read it. You just end up having this inner knowing that something is unfolding both within you and upon Earth at this time and we don't fully understand what it is, but that we are a part of it. Each time you look into this book, it seems to look back at you in a different way - a guiding way - an illuminating way. It's not so much a book as a tool that allows you to feel God working within you, unlocking the deepest aspects of your being. Don't be fooled - this is not a book like you have ever seen before. It is something that communicates with you like a living Being!"

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Ocean of Emotion: Unlocking a Pathway of Permanent Evolution - by David Ashworth

Ocean of Emotion by David AshworthOcean of Emotion - Paperback. £7.00 plus p&p

The human Subtle Energy System, consisting of the Aura and the Chakras, Emotions and Consciousness is like a deep ocean and in order to begin to stimulate the Evolution of Human Consciousness we need to learn how to understand, navigate and penetrate this ocean. The absolute Key to bring about evolution of consciousness is the ability to enter the depths of the heart and the depths of the heart lie in the deepest part of our Ocean of Emotion. In this book, David’s genius for clarity and simplicity shines through, enabling all those with a desire for true spiritual evolution to empower themselves through this simple, but profound knowledge, of how to access our deeper selves.

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The Yellow Kite - by David Ashworth

The Yellow Kite - Paperback. £7.99 plus p&p

Given to David in a flash of insight, this book empowers children to understand and move beyond emotional pain, whilst teaching adults how they inadvertently and often unknowingly cause emotional suffering to children. Nick and Danny meet at the seaside and a wonderful experience unfolds as Nick shows Danny how he can find the truth of everything in his own heart and how grown ups don’t really know as much as they think they do.

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Dancing with the Devil- As you channel in the Light - by David Ashworth

Dancing with the Devil by David Ashworth

Dancing with the Devil - Paperback. £12.99 plus p&p

Originally published in 2000, this has become a great standard work amongst Reiki Masters and other healing teachers for their students. It deals with many aspects of energy work, especially those aspects that many try to shy away from, but in the end reveals that there is nothing to be afraid of except your own fears. It is described as a Survival Manual for Healers and Therapists and sells as strongly today as when it first came out, the content being very relevant for all those walking the healing and spiritual path. It is a book which answers so many questions for those on the path.

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The Yellow Kite by David Ashworth VISION book by David Ashworth Revealing Truth Workshop with David Ashworth Ocean of Emotion by David Ashworth Dancing with the Devil by David Ashworth The Keys of Transformation by David Ashworth

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