Dancing with the Devil As You Channel In The Light

Dancing with the Devil
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Dancing with the Devil As You Channel In The Light

Survival for Healers & Therapists

Dancing with the Devil is an astonishing and timely book which works on many levels: it is a book about healing; about psychic attack and how to resist it; about Reiki; about the chakras and subtle bodies; and about the responsibilities of all who work with energy.

Pervading and unifying these strands is the author's personal awareness of the living, subtle energies which surround and pervade each and every being. In his work in healing, geopathic stress investigation, soul rescue, Reiki and energy system repair and balancing, David Ashworth interacts daily with energies of which most of us have no conception. He has come to understand that light energy continually and inevitably attracts dark forces and that one has literally to engage in battle to re-direct, and in some cases, dismantle these forces, placing them out of harm's way. The book includes astounding cases of possession by a variety of entities and beings which the author has, by aligning with the forces of light, resolved with courage and determination. David also discusses the responsibilities and needs of those who seek to raise their rate of vibration by Reiki attunement, and gives a strong warning to all who treat the subject lightly or irreverently.

ISBN - 1902733037

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