The Keys of Transformation: Book 1, Birth of a New Light

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The Keys of Transformation

Book 1, Birth of a New Light

This new work by David Ashworth takes you on a journey through time from the beginning of the 19th century and demonstrates how the gates
of the Age of Aquarius have begun to open.

It ‘keys’ you in to the time-line so that you become a part of it, helping you
to understand who you are and why you are here at this time.
Introducing new concepts to explain what is happening as
we speed towards the year 2012, the book shows how many who think they are up-to-speed are actually being left behind through their lack of understanding of what is happening as Universal Consciousness accelerates

There comes a point where you can’t perceive the change any longer because it goes beyond understanding. It goes beyond mind. This is when people become lost and continue with the illusion that everything is okay and on course.

This book guides you in the ways of awakening to a point where you cannot only see and perceive what is happening, but become a part of it.

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