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Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Guide - helping you find the way out of difficulty.

Spiritual Teaching at the Cutting Edge

A Spiritual Teacher is one who can see into your life and guide you to overcome the limitations which you either place upon your ‘Self’ or bring in from previous incarnations. There are many fine teachers in the world at this time of Ascension and all of them will have their own individual way of teaching based upon their own journey of experience.
  • Spiritual Development is about overcoming Limitation.
  • As Limitation falls away, Evolution is the result - and
    Higher Perception the Reward.

Although Dave has worked at the cutting edge of healing for many years, forging ahead with all manner of advanced and original approaches to the art and science of working with energy and Light, his work today is now focussed solely on the Evolution of Human Consciousness, your evolution. The Guidance which comes through him is focussed totally on moving you forward in a way where you can feel it at the Perfect Inner Knowing level.

During a consultation we are always looking for that ‘one issue’ which prevents your evolution in this very moment. Nothing else matters, just the one issue which holds your consciousness prisoner. We are not focussing on the big picture, because the big picture reveals and solves itself as we take the smaller steps. By taking one simple, successful step at a time, we unlock your consciousness, which then allows evolution to take place, resulting in increased vision, insight and a slightly altered perception of reality. As you evolve, you move ever closer to realising what you came here to realise.

Once we have seen the truth of the issue within you, then we have something tangible to work with and we have direction to which we can apply Light to illuminate the way.

  • Sometimes the issue might be very challenging
  • And, the path of True Evolution often takes effort
  • But, The Guides and The Light make it as simple as possible for you
  • What could be better than to Know the Truth of the Issue?
  • Then have a source of Unlimited Light to help you overcome it
  • With Guides to focus the Light with precision
  • You change through intent, not by chance.
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The Universal Plan

The Universal Plan is The Evolution of Human Consciousness. The Universe is always trying to bring the Seeker of Truth to the Holder of the Keys of Knowledge which will free them from their limitation or captivity. Because it is this way, you may find that you need different teachers at different times, and that is as it should be, for many of you will need to experience different kinds of energy, and teaching. Different frequencies of Light emanating from different sources are needed from time to time, in order to push certain energies within you.

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Grounding the Light

One of the keys to carrying Spiritual Light is the level to which you can ground it. David’s life and energetic structure has been developed to act like a tree. The Light is served to him and he grounds it into the Earth, from where it can be utilised for the uplifting of others. He holds the Light for others, after first drawing out from the earth.

As above, so below.

To attain True Spiritual Evolution, you must be fully grounded. You can only hold powerful Spiritual Light and thus manifest with it after first grounding it into Earth first.

David has been taught many extremely advanced concepts which allow the development of the subtle energy system in controlled stages, particularly development of the Earth Links, of which there are a number, which are little understood by many. By working with guidance and activating certain processes at the appropriate time in a person’s evolution, allows them to ascend in a way which permits them to feel and appreciate each conscious shift as it develops. Being able to sense, perceive and feel the changes gives confidence to continue to push for a further shift as and when the time feels appropriate.

Each conscious shift brings a higher, discernible vibration, but it should be thoroughly understood that it is impossible to raise your vibration in any real measure without achieving a positive and powerful connection to the Earth Mother first.

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Starting Work on Your Evolution

Whether you are new to spiritual work or someone well practised in the healing arts, the hard part is always taking the first step, or the Leap of Faith to work with a teacher. One of the problems being that our ego thinks that we know what we are doing. But, consider this: If you are looking at this page right now, then your own higher guidance has brought you here, and if you have come this far, then trust that David’s work may well be a part of your path. When you begin to understand how Universal Consciousness constantly tries to guide you to the right people at the right time, then you will have less fear and learn more how to trust the process. A consultation will answer all your doubts. If you need answers, then you have to ask questions. What have you got to lose?

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Radiant Power and Light

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - like The Wheel of Light and The Emerald Heart. These streams of Light are not for healing, but for the Evolution of Human Consciousness. They are not healing rays, but evolutionary rays. As such, they are very different from the Healing Rays which you may be familiar with. There is, indeed, no comparison. They are unlimited in what they can do to unfold your inner potential. This Light will teach you that your only limitation is your Self. But, the only way you can ever discover this is to:

  • Take the Leap of Faith
  • Trust the Process

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